About us

Klein consulting engineers was established in 1981. Our primary area of expertise is in vehicle dynamics, handling qualities, and driver behavior. Our specialty is the analysis of combination vehicles, i.e. cars and/or trucks pulling trailers. We provide vehicle inspections, accident scene investigations, stability analyses of both the towing and trailing vehicles, and can evaluate the effects of aerodynamic disturbances, roadway effects, and driver interactions. All are generally used in preparing expert testimony. We also have experience in trailer design, testing, components, and the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. 

Accident Litigation Cases
  • Tow vehicle and Trailer stability analysis
  • Tow dollies
  • Aerodynamic interference
  • Roadway effects
  • Accident / Vehicle inspections 

Trailer Design and Testing

  • FMVSS’s
  • Warning Labels
  • Components